Last month, we had the pleasure of celebrating the Rites of Spring at Frolicon in Atlanta, and I’ve gotta say, it was pretty amazing. This was our second year playing at the con and somehow, we managed to have more fun this time around than last! We were able to play a couple shows, meet with wonderful people, attend some pretty entertaining sessions, and see Jules naked! Yes, for the first time, our esteemed drummer, already known for stripping down into his skivvies during our sets, embraced the freedom of Frolicon and went complete nude. Sorry to tell the world, Jules, but unlike Vegas, what happens at Frolicon doesn’t necessarily stay at Frolicon.
 We also had the pleasure of having a friend with us, helping us out and taking some video of our performances. Here’s a link to us playing One White Lie Two: Two White Lies. We hope to play for you all again next year!

Video Link:

We have a Tumblr!!

So… I, Becky, have just now realized that we have a Tumblr account. We’re all definitely up on this whole social media stuff :). That being said, we are gonna try and be a bit more active on here to let everyone know what we’re up to! Here’s to new, bigger, and better things! Woo!!


Our cd is now available on iTunes!

Here are some samples of the cd sleeves.  Right now we have 4 songs and plan on going back in for 4 more this Saturday.  We have the money and the means thanks to our fans!